The Gigaom Show

The GigaOm Show, hosted by Om Malik and Joyce Kim, is a weekly show about technology and business. Om and Joyce serve up the inside analysis of technology news that you need to know.gigaom

Season 1 Episode List

Episode 1: The Inaugural Show

Episode 2: Full Disclosure

Episode 3: Sling It, Baby

Episode 4: A Real Pioneer

Episode 5: We Care
Episode 6: Do Web Analytics Suck?
Episode 7: Gphone, D: All Things Digital
Episode 8: Slide’s Max Levchin
Episode 9: Listen Up Entrepreneurs!
Episode 10: TechCrunch40
Episode 11: Silicon Valley’s Own Microsoft
Episode 12: Google’s Marissa Mayer
Episode 13: Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk
Episode 14: Richard Moross CEO and founder of
Episode 15: Saul Klein and VC Jargon
Episode 16: Fake Steve Jobs, Dizzywood
Episode 17: Tim Westergren, Pandora, Is Internet Radio Dead?
Episode 18: Jim Greer, Kongregate and Jameson Hsu, Mochi Media, Monetizing Casual Games?
Episode 19: Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia and Wikia
Episode 20: Craig Newmark – Craigslist
Episode 21: MC Hammer – DanceJam
Episode 22: Technology Trends for 2008
Episode 23: Clean Tech Investments in 2008 with Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Episode 24: Heidi Roizen: From VC To SkinnySongs Writer And Record Producer
Episode 25: Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon
Episode 26: Crunchies 2007 Insider Juice
Episode 27: Free-to-Play MMOs Profitable?
Episode 28: John Lilly, the new CEO of Mozilla
Episode 29: Venture Capital vs. Oil: Funding Clean Tech
Episode 30: Is Technorati up for sale?
Episode 31: Will the future of HP’s digital imaging and printing affect your life?
Episode 32: Om’s Return and Brightcove Video
Episode 33: Get a Second Life with Philip Rosedale
Episode 34: Forget Twitter: creates online video conversations

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