The Next Web – What you need to know about Stellar

This was the first interview I gave for Stellar – was quite nervous:) Interestingly, the journalist also comes from an immigrant family background so he understood a lot of the issues as, like me, he grew up seeing remittances issues in his extended family as well.

I have noticed this trend as I have had to explain Stellar and financial inclusion to thousands of people since –  people that have been experienced the friction of our current financial lives get it quite quickly. If someone hasn’t, its hard to grok. We are working on simple ways to make the issues more clear to everyone regardless of economic background, but this is where I started:

“Sending money internationally usually involves an expensive wire transfer at a brick and mortar location. “Our lives have become global but the financial system hasn’t caught up,” says Stellar Executive Director, Joyce Kim.”

Read the rest of the article…

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