Dear Hawaii,

Our little startup team has had the privilege of working from Oahu for the past 6 weeks – a dream come true for most startups.  Waking up early to hit the beach before a full, productive day of work really took away the stress of building a startup.  And, seeing all the smart interesting folks working in the tech scene has been inspiring –  I am excited to see all the great companies that Hawaii will be churning out over the next few years!

It is getting close to the time for us to pack up and head back for San Francisco – but we do plan on returning (and often!). Thanks to everyone we had a chance to get to know, and especially John Garcia, Doc Rock, Ryan Ozawa, Burt Lum, Ed MoritaArnie & Russel @ Beebleo, Nathan and Noreen at McNeil Wilson, Chris Hall of the HIFF, Neenz for helping us enjoy our time out here.  And we can’t forget the poke, the haupia, the musubi, the garlic shrimp, the garlic ahi, the garlic, the Eat The Streets, Duck Butt, red velvet pancakes, the surf breaks and dawn patrol in Ala Moana, Barbers Point, Mahaka and Chun’s Reef:)  We have some great memories and an experience that very few Silicon Valley startups can say they have.  Mahalo, srsly!

That being said, we would love the idea of being able to take a bit more of Hawaii back home with us:) So… our remaining time here, we would love to meet with and interview any Hawaii developers that might be a good fit with our team (and working with us would mean moving to SF).  Ideally, we are looking for someone with a few years of coding experience, but if you know you kick ass and are ready to bring it, then BRING IT! 🙂

Nice to haves are experience developing in php, objective c, java, c/c++. familiarity w php frameworks such as kohana, codeigniter, cakephp, etc. knowledge of mvc dev. experience with NoSQL. mad html5/css3, jquery, and js skillz.

Must haves include familiarity with at least 100 internet memes, reddit/ user history, a passport, ability to snack frequently, high tolerance for offensive humor and random youtube video sessions.

Send me an email with your resume and links to your last few projects with the subject line “I am truly awesome!“.  joyce [@] simple honey.  And then we will do a few phone and in-person interviews, and if possible, a work day with us in our Hawaii headquarters (aka our living room in Ko’olina) all before we leave on October 10, so let’s get rolling. Aloha!

P.S. So you can get to know us so you can see if you would be a good fit with us, here are some things we believe in.

Team sunsets:

Doing silly awesome things like getting matching waterproof watches:


And more eating:

Our Twitter Account

Our Facebook Page

5 thoughts on “Dear Hawaii,

  1. Dear Joyce, what a wonderful post. Hawaii’s fortunate to have you, and have you back often! There are a lot of fantastic developers here, and relocating to San Francisco would be a dream for many. Looking forward to hearing how your team grows, and of course, to seeing Simple Honey!

  2. Gonna miss you guys. I was impressed from the very first time I shook your hand, Joyce. Wish you and your team were staying in Hawaii but you gotta go where the action is. I hope to visit one day when I am in the Mission district. But before you go, we’ll have you and Eric on the radio. I am looking forward to that this Wed. 10/5!

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