I hate junk mail. Stop my junk mail.

I hate having to use a crowbar to get the mail out of my mailbox because every 2-3 days it becomes so full of crap that I cannot pry an envelope out of it.  So here I go again, trying to opt out of every direct mailing list.  There used to be a good site that would automate as much of it as possible, but I couldn’t find it anymore.  I ended up just doing it one by one. But I decided to save the links so I can share it and make it easier for everyone else.

Here is a list of the big ones that offer handy online forms for mailing list removal.  Enjoy.

Red Plum Coupon Mailing List Removal

PennySaver Mailing List Removal

ValPak Mailing List Removal

Direct Marketing Association

https://www.dmachoice.org/ lets you create an account that lets you mass-unsubscribe from magazine offers, coupon offers, etc. But it helps to do this with the others.

Opt Out of Credit Card Offers

– 5 year electronic opt out for credit card and insurance offers.

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