Top Ten Asian Americans in Tech You Should Be Following v.UTR

Since Twitter has rolled out their Lists features, everyone has gone trigger happy organizing their contacts into lists. On my own profile, I’ve noticed that the two kinds of lists that I appear most frequently fall into either the categories of “tech” or “Asian American.”  So I decided to combine the categories and put together my own list of “Top Ten Asian Americans in Tech You Should Be Following” but I’m not making a Twitter list of them, just posting in my blog – Ha! Look at me bucking the trend:)    This list includes people who regularly educate my life with their tweets, blog posts and conversations with them – these are really smart people who are taking the world around them in and contributing to the conversation in meaningful ways.  I would almost say this is my “Under the Radar” list, but as you can see, some of them have already impacted our internet lives in significant ways.  I have omitted the “internet-famous” folks since their information streams are readily found and accessible – they are wonderful, but you already know where to find them. And there are so many more I would like to include, but I will save them for another post.

Here is my list and I hope you find them as interesting and inspirational as I do!

  • Eric Nakagawa – Lolcats and founder, strategist and startup advisor. Great insight into user behavior and product. I have been entertained for hours by both his site and him.  @ericnakagawa
  • Leena Rao Leena joined the Techcrunch team earlier this year and has been delivering the news non-stop ever since. @leenarao
  • Kaiser KuoChinese American who lives in Beijing. He brings sharp analysis and real info about the Chinese internet landscape.  He is a rockstar – really, he is a rockstar.  Awesome hair which is longer than mine. @kaiserkuo
  • Hiten Shah –  Analytics, analytics, analytics. Give him 5 mins and he will improve your conversions tenfold.   @hnshah
  • Garry Tan & Sachin Agarwal – These two brought us Posterous – need I say more? @garrytan @a4agarwal
  • Andrew Chen – Andrew writes a great blog and knows how advertising really works.  Important stuff considering it is still the most popular business model out there. Read his blog. @andrew_chen
  • Sachin Rekhi & Ada Chen – Entertainment experts couple. He knows monetization and music – founder of Anywhere.FM which was acquired by imeem in 2008 . She knows marketing and gaming – you can find her at Mochi Media.  @sachinrekhi @adachen
  • Helen Zhu – Smart and fashionable, Helen founded the style site Rawr. @helenzhu
  • Muhammad Saleem – This man rules Digg. Social media extraordinaire. Sometimes I feel like he has seen every single website on the internet. @msaleem
  • David Lee –  David is one of my favorite Korean Americans in Silicon Valley. Google, Stumbleupon and Ron Conway’s angel fund are all under his belt. Amazing networks yield amazing information, so asking David for advice is always a smart thing to do. @daslee

* Note: This list is in no particular order.

** And, I was inclined to include Jared Kim @wegame on the list but since he is my brother, I didn’t include him above.  But he is still full of nuggets of info when he isn’t twittering about food;)

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