delayed beta launch

i heard it a million times – you will never hit your first deadline.

but it still feels horrible when it happens. so what went wrong.  data importing, code broke, servers needed constant tweaking, amazon s3 goes sketchy, and the best of all….both bathrooms in the office stopped working. i know, gross. but you guys need to know the truth. its times like this when you have to really like your team members.

we are now 6 days past original beta launch and we are still working on it. but hopefully tomorrow will be the day.(dang it, did i just jinx us…)

on a more positive note, i’m going to LA in 3 weeks and i am scheduling meetings with some awesome bloggers in the asian american and korean pop space.

since taking full time this year, i have been trying to do a better job of staying up on the news and following all the players. we have some great talent making a name for themselves in this space! so i am excited that i can meet the some people face to face after reading their blogs for a while.   i’ll try to remember to post something here about the meetings.

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