in hiding

its been a while since i’ve posted here. i think my twitter feed is taking over the bulk of my communication with the outside world.  so if you come here looking for an update and see nothing – make sure to look to the right hand side for any updates to my twitter feed.   more likely than not, that will be the most up to date content here.

reason #2 why i am missing in action.  we are busting it out on! we have a real, human, breathing team of people working on it now! and it feels good.  we have been heads down for the past month making immense progress on the site – estimated relaunch is summer 2009.

what are we working on? single sign on (we have two separate user databases – yes, confusing. but its a long story), better profiles, better groups.  the big thing about the site is that it is like an iceberg – there is a HUGE amount of activity on the site, but you only see the tiniest bit if you click around a bit.  to really get a sense of the community, you need to spend some time exploring the forums. but we hope to improve all of that soon!

i will be in hiding until relaunch most likely but thank you for checking in on me:)  and here is a small laptop pic so you can check out my bat cave! (that blue thing in the lower right corner – yes, that is my snuggie)

soompi command central

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