so proud i could burst

its been a long day. after waking up several times in the middle of the night fearful that i had missed the inauguration, i finally got up before the sun rose.  i started of the morning in my pjs in front of the TV switching between CNN and CSPAN when i couldnt handle the annoying chatter of the talking heads at CNN.  then i sat in silence for the next few hours watching the historic day unfold.

i wont add too much to the litany of other accounts of today. but i will say that a major obstacle in this country’s history has been overcome. i never thought this day would happen in my lifetime – and i am so full of pride, joy and peace that i was able to witness this day.  this was the first day in my life when i watched the news and had tears of joy fill my eyes and not tears of sadness.  (yes, sometimes i cry when i see horrible things on the news, but it doesnt make me any less tough. i can probably still kick your ass;)

i hope there will be more days like this in my lifetime when CNN will make me cry with joy (first female president, peaceful reunification of north and south korea, equal rights for the gay community)

i hope this has awoken something in the country’s moral fabric.

i hope. i really do.


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