video show for soompi?

this week we filmed our first video interview for  we were granted an interview with the Korean pop sensation BoA. she may not be well known here in the US, but she is an absolute, traffic-jam-causing, stadium-packing, screaming-mobs-at-airports level celebrity in asia.  BoA was visiting the US to promote her first english language single, titled eat you up.

we had a few scheduling issues which resulted in us being told the date and time of the interview the day before the interview. and it was scheduled for last night, friday, 10:30 pm in los angeles, koreatown.  given that its prime holiday season and 10:30 pm is not typical working hours for anyone, we lost our 2 camera crews we had set up for the interview. and in the mad dash for a crew, ever resourceful tyler of mahalo hooked us up with the talented mahalo daily team (yay russ!) mere hours before the actual shoot.

PK, a good friend of and hilarious comedian, was our go-to man for host. he always ready to drop a quick line and we are thrilled that he was able to join us.

we crowd-sourced the interview to our avid fans and let them ask the questions. we asked them to upload their submissions to youtube and you can see all the kids and even some blooper reels here.  it looked like BoA really enjoyed seeing the questions direct from her fans:)

on our way out, we had an interesting discussion with kendell, one of BoA’s managers about how Asian pop stars attempt to break into the US market.  interestingly, the concerns and issues are almost the same as international startups trying to break into the US market:)

we have been toying around with the idea of a monthly or bi-weekly video show which would cover Asian pop stars coming to the US, Asian American communities, like Koreatown or Daly City:), and Asian American hotspots. but at the moment, we are resource constrained.  we will see how this one does viewership wise and see if it is worth allocating any resources to an ongoing video show.  also, we will be exploring whether there is sufficient sponsorship interest. i will post our first video episode here once it is available.

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