google ad manager headaches

a few hours ago, I received an email from a soompi team member stating that no ads were appearing on the site.  i went to check it out and and sure enough, no ads to be seen – not adsense, not the default ad networks and not even the direct ad buys.

we run all of our ads through google ad manager, so i immediately went through their help section to figure out the issue. I ran the debugger and received this error: “Warning Fetching Ads from Google has been suppressed” which I googled and could not find any information.

I emailed for help and they said its likely the default ad networks not filling. thank you, but I’m not an idiot.  Its one thing when a few ads appear blank and its another when every single ad on your site disappears. and that would not explain why the adsense and the direct buy ads are not appearing.

has anyone encountered this problem? it is so frustrating to deal with this situation and it has made me very aware of the key weakness in using Google as an ad server.  Google, being such a large tech company with major tech products, does not react very quickly for customer support issues.  Ever had your gmail go down – all you can do is sit and wait and pray to the tech gods.  But, with ad servers, its a revenue issue. I have now lost an entire day in revenue and all i can do is sit and wait for google to rewrite me back.

i guess i should use this time to research other ad server options.

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