discovering and losing pushing daisies

this week i started watching pushing daisies – the fairy tale forensic mystery series on abc. (quick cap: man has mysterious ability to bring dead people back to life with a touch. but they can only stay alive for 60 seconds or else someone else dies.  if he touches said dead person again, either within the 60 second limit or after, the person dies again for good).

i really started to enjoy the whimsical visuals of the show,  the quirkiness of the characters, and the ridiculously cute wardrobe of the two female characters, chuck and olive. after getting 5 episodes deep in season 1, i did a quick google search of the show to read up a bit on its background. lo and behold, the very week i decide that i am falling for pushing daisies, its cancellation is announced.

so sad. first firefly. now my pushing daisies. tv gods, please dont take away sarah conner chronicles…

but there is a glimmer of hope. as i was digging through the blog posts narrating the show’s demise, i came across this nugget of news.  the produce of the show, bryan fuller, was one of the talents behind the amazing season 1 of heroes.  and now that heroes has lost so much talent with the firing of jesse alexander (who i saw speak at om and liz’s new tee vee live conference) and jeph loeb, the future of the show seems so much more…boring.  this last season hasnt quite caused my heartbeat to race like it did in seasons past. but, EW is reporting that now that pushing daisies is canceled, fuller may return to heroes!

there may be a silver lining in the cloud afterall.

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