random memories from my last trip

Travel memories:

– accidentally spilling water on the NW flight btwn bangkok and tokyo and the flight attendant sees this and gives me 3, count them three, mini napkins to clean up.  when i ask for more, she rolls her eyes.

– the worst tasting veggie airline meals i have ever had. (note to self, never fly northwest airlines. every aspect of the flight was subpar)

Obama-themed memories (all before the election):

– Chao Phraya Express Boat driver asking an american on board if she likes mccain or obama.  she replied obama and he said “me too!”

– at three pagoda pass, burma/thailand border crossing, a coffee shop owner telling us he thinks obama is “a very good man! good man!”

– waiter from dinner on ko samet island asking ted if he would vote for obama even though their skin color is different. ted replied yes. waiter said, “i dont think so” and ted replied, “i already did before i came to thailand.”

– on bangkok to toyko flt, the election results being announced. the plane full of asian passengers bursts out in applause.

Baan Dada memories:

– sleeping in a tent in a bamboo drying hut

– learning that roosters do not crow only once and only at sunrise from the rooster that lived next to the aforementioned bamboo drying hut

– during a sudden really heavy downpour, all the lil kids stripped down to their undies and started to dance in the rain, laughing

– ted eating an orange, hitting seeds and saying “what is this? o yea, fruit has seeds!”

kamput asking me if i would be back for christmas 😦

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