Google buys TNC

First, congrats to Chester and Chang and the entire TNC/Textcube team!

Secondly, congrats to Google Korea for making such a smart buy.

Chang announced the acquisition of TNC by Google Korea today on his blog. When I was in Seoul in March, both Chester and Chang demoed their product for me and all I kept saying was, “Wow, this is better than WordPress!” which is the blogging platform I use here on this blog.  I even wrote up a short piece about it here and told by buddy Om to check it out.

I am not sure if Google will roll it out internationally, but I can say it is a first-rate platform that can hold its own against Moveable Type and WordPress.   Also, I think this bodes very well for the Korean startup market.  In many ways, innovation in the Korean start-up market has been stifled because of the lack of good exit opportunities and the dominance of Naver and Daum.  This move by Google will not only attract the attention of other international tech and media companies to the innovative work in Korea, but it will hopefully encourage a new generation of entreprenuerial coders in Korea who thusfar think that working at Naver is the best thing for their careers.

Congrats guys!

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