social media fund raising

UPDATE:  Thanks so much to the following donors so far! You guys are quick!

those of you who follow me on twitter, facebook or this blog know that i spent a good part of july on the thailand/burma border volunteering at an orphanage there that is home to many burmese refugee children and abandoned thai children.

i was expecting some pretty tough conditions there – after all, it is an orphanage. i spent my time teaching the children english, learning about their lives and wishing there was a functioning toilet (!) 🙂 the time flew by faster than i expected. and on my last days there, i spent a lot of time wondering and worrying about their futures.  they are in a tough situation – undocumented in thailand, limited access to schooling and medical care, lack of enough indoor space for the children to sleep comfortably.  but if the children had not found a place in this home, then they could have likely ended up in sweatshops in thailand or the sex trade for some of the young girls. if they were sent back to burma, they could be killed or used as child land mine sweepers – a disgusting practice.

my experiences motivated me to commit myself to running my own fund raising campaign.  they are applying for grants for some of the educational and health programs which are potentially fundable. however most foundations will not fund capital campaigns – which means no money for building buildings and the kids are sleeping on the ground, all crowded together.

so here is my plan: i am going to use all my social media and social networking tools to raise $10,000. this money will be used for the expansion of their building.  i will be using facebook, twitter, google groups, wordpress, digg, etc to see if i can reach this goal.  here are my flickr pics from my trip if you want to see.

i have rebuilt their website on wordpress (so they can update it themselves) and rejiggered their paypal to they can give US donors charitable donation receipts – (side note: it was fun building my first website – if you see major mistakes, let me know). and now its ready for all the amazing donations that all you lovely web 2.0 people are about to send over!


i will regularly post updates on donations and donors here. so come on, be charitable and take a moment to give to some really great kids that really need our help. thank you!

List of Awesome People who Donated – Thank you so much!

8/7: We are at $2000 raised thus far! Amazing!

8/8: wowie, wowie:) $4222 as of today!

8/11: gosh, i really love you guys, i really do.  we are at $6300.

8/14: the grand total now stands at $6542:)  over 65% of the way to the goal in 1 week!!!

8/20: we are now at $7872! and i spoke with the folks at Baan Dada, they already bought bricks with the first batch of money sent over:) real bricks! not the mud ones that they used to make by hand and use for walls.  just over $2000 more dollars to go!

8/24: Yay! Over $1000 came in this week in donations. Total now stands at $8972. woot!

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