off i fly

itinerary for the next few weeks.

Today – depart from LAX and fly to Bangkok (via layover in Taipei – nihao!)

2 days in Bangkok, showing my sisters around, saying hi to school friends, visiting amazing buddhist temples.

July 13 – bus to Kanchanaburi Provence, Sangkhlaburi will be the nearest town to Baan Dada, where we will be volunteering for 1 week. i will try to post as much as possible from there.

July 20 – bus back to Bangkok, then plane to Siem Reap where we will be checking out Angkor Wat for 2 days (i am SO ready to get all tomb raider out there;)

July 22 – head to Phnom Phen where we will check out some more historical sites (such as the Killing Fields museum) and we will be visiting a human trafficking victims’ shelter and colleagues of family friend Aaron Cohen aka “the slave hunter” (amazing human rights activist).

July 24 – back to the US.

Phew, that is an action packed schedule.

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