impressed with sparkpeople

so i’ve been MIA on my blog a bit because i am trying to be more active now that the weather is getting warmer and my scale informed me that i have breached a new level of physical unfitness. i’ve been trying to go rock climbing more, go on hikes, drink more water and even bought an exercise ball to use as chair in the office.  but i didnt know what to do with it.  

i went to youtube to try to figure out how to use this exercise ball and i found this series of 10-minute exercise videos from a site called after testing out the video, i went to check out the site and have become slightly addicted to it since then.  


1) it lets me track my daily food consumption and then figures out the nutritional content (there is a preloaded nutritional library of 90% of the food i consume – and what i cannot find, like my random asian goodies, i can add myself). and it has a handy little water tracker so i can make sure i am drinking enough water each day. (it also generates pre-prepared menus each week, but i dont like being forced to each something). the most interesting part of the food tracker is not that it is making me eat less, but rather it is educating me about what is actually IN the food i eat. ex: i ate a KFC biscuit today. the boys ordered kfc and i could resist. BUT, when i popped it in the tracker, than i realized, for the price of that itty-bitty biscuit, i could have had a giant brownie for the same amount of guilt;) but really, joking aside, it is teaching me what really has protein and which carbs are just not worth it. 

2) it has a fitness tracker that divvys up my week to strength training days and cardio days.  it suggests a hugh number of strength exercises and has nice little flash animations to i can make sure i am doing ok. and re: cardio, it also has a library of activities which i can select from – from the expected, like running and walking, to random household chores, like mowing the lawn, and to the winners, like rock climbing. i was excited to find that in the fitness library:) also, it gives me a fitness video from their library each day that i should do (i’ve been slacking on this, but i will catch up, i swear).

3) it has a very active community which can be useful for people who do not have someone in RL to help them stay on track, like me.  personally, i do not post much, i am part of the 97% of internet users who are just voyeurs on most community sites – i read what the active 3% write.  but what i did find interesting was this one thread of people posting there measurements on a regular basis.  in my opinion, this is a WAY more healthier way of tracking your fitness level – weight is just so bogus and often times fails to take into account the wonderful diversity of human figures.  so it prompted me to create a google spreadsheet to track my measurements…now that i am older, i doubt i can reach my former rap-song-lyrics measurements, but at least i can try! :p

anyway, i will keep you guys posted on my progress. my end goal – run up the stairs to the top of my office building without gasping for air.  keep up the good work sparkpeople.

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