Why Koreans, Diggers And Stephen Colbert Are TIME's Most Influential People

my buddy nick douglas just did an article on soompi.com, digg.com and colbertnation.com over on gawker. funny article about how all three online communities are battling it out on the TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People polls for our respective champions. personally, i love everyone in the top 5, but i have to go with the one my site is rooting for:) that would be rain…for those of you that don’t follow korean pop charts;) but it is an interesting point about how mobilized online communities can yield massive results online.

2 thoughts on “Why Koreans, Diggers And Stephen Colbert Are TIME's Most Influential People

  1. Im not Korean but I can say that notwithstanding all the hype about crazy Asian netizens dominating the poll, I think there is some merit to the result. Half the world population is in Asia and undisputably, this guy Rain, is number one in all of the Asian music charts, then this guy IS one of the most influential artist in the world., no doubt. Why should anybody dispute that?

  2. I don’t understand why Rain (Bi) is so influential. He could only dance a little, can’t sing, and for the most part, isn’t talented. So there. By the way, he should be disputed, only because he has hit high charts, means nothing. So there!

    Untalented Artists (Hyori),Actor/Actresses (Kim Tae Hee), can be good looking but they suck! Hyori and Kim Tae Hee gets paid massively, but then can they do what they do well?

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