gigaom show episode 35

yesterday we filmed episode 35 of the gigaom show over at the revision 3 studios.  prager, hansen (our producer), josh (camera) and don (superstar) were all in attendance as well.   it was the first episode that Om has filmed since his heartattack in december and i must say, it was wonderful having him back:) at first, it was quite nerve wracking to have to main host the episodes myself.  the seat is a hard one to fill!

over the past 35 episodes, we have learned a lot about internet video shows, how to do news analysis for video versus print, production cycles, and the list goes on and on.  we are still learning new things each day.   i hope folks tune in for our next episode as we will be sharing some thoughts about our lives since the show started and give you all an update on our plans moving forward.

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