migrating to the mac air is not fun

ok, so i am down in irvine today. and while i was down here, i figured i would go ahead and buy myself the new mac air.  (i have always been a bit obsessed with light laptops since my law school days since it was NOT fun carrying around 3 twenty pound law school text books, one twelve pound laptop and a 5 pound laptop bag….you guys remember those days, right?).  and since i am going to be flying for 3/4 of the month, i figured i would save my backache and lighten the load.

i stopped by apple store, bought the goods, went home, unpacked the box (always a fun experience with new mac products…like unfolding origami) and powered up.   all good.   i had read about the lack of a firewire, but for some reason, it hadn’t clicked.  so i booted up and went through the set up process.  when it came to migration, it gave me the option of migrating my info from my old mac to the new air via my home wireless network.  i naively thought, “oh thats cool”… then came the pain.

so i started down the migration over wireless network path, then it did its calculating thing, and then turned to me and declared it would take 20 hours to migrate my info. 20 HOURS? wtf.  that is so long you cant even set it up before you go to sleep and have it done in the morning…well…if you had a REALLY wild night, drank a couple of forties, set up your migration, and then when to sleep, maybe it would be done when you woke up… so i tried to end the process – but there was no way of stopping it.  i had to do a manual reboot – yuck.  who wants to do that to their new, out of the box mac air?

long story short, did my research, got back in my car, drove back to the apple store, spent more money on a ethernet adapter (usb plugin), drove back to my laptops, and did the migration with a direct connection.  it still took about 2 hours, but that is still 18 hours shorter than over the wireless network.

recommendation – save yourself the pain.  when you buy your air, make sure you get the ethernet adapter. whats another $30 on $2200 (apple care included)?

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