cooking mama

sorry, some randomness today, but i am so full and happy right now, i just wanted to share. today, i cooked up a storm at my house.  we made whole wheat blueberry muffins in the morning and they were perfect! moist, full of blueberries, and just plain awesome.  then we made pizza dough for the first time and made pizza from scratch.  the dough rose perfectly and we made two variations – one standard mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil (which as delicious) and one which was sardines, black olives and sauce (which we will need to reinvent next time, it was so-so).  but aside from the toppings, the crust came out perfect on our first try! so we will definitely be adding homemade pizza to the kitchen rotation:)

forgot to take pictures cause we ate everything so fast, but i will take pictures next time!

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