speaking at women 2.0 open mic session “meet the CEOs”

women 2.0 is an organization here in silicon valley that is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship amongst women in technology. last year, they ran a wonderful and sold out event called Pitch Night which included a 30 minute meeting with Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital for the winning team. for those of you not in the tech field, let me say, thats like giving a junior golfer a private lesson by tiger woods. very cool.

this year, they are doing it again and i will be helping out by speaking at one of their pre-pitch night events called “meet the CEOs”.  it should be fun and i am glad to help out at any event that gets more women into this field.

One thought on “speaking at women 2.0 open mic session “meet the CEOs”

  1. Hey Joyce,

    Looks like a great event, I just noticed that Shannon McClenaghan of Jimmyjane is on the Women 2.0 Steering Committee. Don’t know if she’ll be at the event, but if she is, introduce yourself, she’s awesome, and plus, well, her company is cool.

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