ad networks in asia?

i am trying to learn more about ad networks in Asia to see if there is more to be gained from using local networks rather than relying up on google’s firm hold on ad sales.  i’ve come across some local networks in SE Asia, like advertlets and others, but i wonder how they stack up next to google in terms of rates, etc. anyone with any information related to this or any advice, please contact me – i’m all ears!

One thought on “ad networks in asia?

  1. Hi Joyce,

    Thanks for noticing! I think I’ll be a good source to answer your questions – I’m the founder of Advertlets. For your information, we are relatively new – Advertlets would have been around for a year so far by March 2008.

    Currently, we do run paying ads for our traffic from China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Australia & New Zealand. However, those who are currently earning the most from Advertlets are those who are in Malaysia & Singapore (or have traffic from those regions.) Malaysia and Singapore are the two countries we are officially launched in, and we serve ads on over 25,000 blogs in those regions, reaching out to approximately 210,000 people a day in those countries.

    While we have CPC ads, the fun part is that we’re not just CPC – our unique position as an Asian online ad network allows us to negotiate customized deals to give our bloggers CPM campaigns for niche targeting. For example, we had a telco client that wished to advertise an event to only East Malaysians, and another telco client that wished to advertise only on blogs written in Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese so bloggers who fit that criteria get to earn based on their traffic.

    I noticed you are affiliated with – we currently have similiar/related sites such as, and (for geolocated Malaysian & Singaporean traffic) in our publisher network. I look forward to answering any questions you might have. Let me know at Cheers!

    PS: Cool show! Let me guess, your favourite colours are black, and red? 🙂

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