going to “customer service is the new marketing” summit today and why i love southwest

i’m heading up to the presidio today so i can attend the summit organized by the team over at get satisfaction.  customer service has always been an unconscious reason why i support the brands/companies/products that i use, but i have become more aware of this fact recently due to the activities of the good folks at get satisfaction.

example: last weekend, i had to book a trip down to LA.  i have flown virgin maybe 4 times r/t now to LA and, although i like their in-flight entertainment system, it wasnt working in on 50% of the flights, maybe 3 of the flights were delayed and when i had to rebook one flight, the woman i spoke with on the phone was very unaccomodating and the rebooking of one leg of a trip cost me more than the whole trip should have been!  so i decided to book on southwest since i needed to be on-time and southwest has always been good to me with regarding to flight changes, etc.

lucky i did that. as soon as i booked and received my confirmation email, i realized in my late night fatigue, i had book the flight in the reverse order (departing from LA, arriving in SF).  but  no worries with SW!  i called and explained the situation and they immediately cancelled my reservation, gave me a full refund and i was able to rebook (in the right order!) all within ten minutes.  i ❤ southwest!

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