This year, I took my first trip to India with my brother-by-another-mother, Om. One could spend a lifetime exploring all that India has to offer, but I only had 10 days. Here is a quick photo journal of my wanderings.  

An interesting perspective on the current FX crisis in Nigeria

In researching the growing tech ecosystem in Lagos, I came across the blog of Ahmad Mukoshy, CTO and Founder of GigaLayer, a domain and web hosting company based in Lagos. He had two very interesting posts about how financial services impact the startup space there. Titled “Going back to the Stone Age,” the first post talks about… Read More An interesting perspective on the current FX crisis in Nigeria

Technical piece on the upgraded Stellar network

Happy 2016, everyone! I’m particularly pumped for 2016 and what this year will mean for Stellar.  There will be some really exciting projects in the coming months that show the true capabilities of an open global network. In the meantime, Jed McCaleb (cofounder of penned a guest post for Bitcoin Magazine on what’s new on the upgraded… Read More Technical piece on the upgraded Stellar network

Nonprofit Artificial Intelligence Research

In the past few days, the formation of nonprofit OpenAI has shone a spotlight on ethical AI research. OpenAI will “advance digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity as a whole,” according to their mission statement. MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute) is a research nonprofit with a similar goal. Jed McCaleb, cofounder of… Read More Nonprofit Artificial Intelligence Research

Bridging the digital divide

Readwrite published a piece on technical nonprofits, and why they’re important. I was excited and honored to see Stellar listed alongside Google’s Project Loon and Facebook’s Here’s one of the key ideas that resonates with me: The Internet is not an end-all solution, but it can be a powerful tool towards providing empowerment and self-esteem. Today’s… Read More Bridging the digital divide